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A Person In Work Attire And A Green Cap Crouches While Trimming Bushes In A Garden With A Hedge Trimmer, Demonstrating Professional Service.

Professional Service

The National Flag Of Nepal, Featured On, Maintains Its Unique Non Rectangular Shape With Two Triangular Sections In Red With A Blue Border, And White Stylized Moon And Sun Emblems

Nepali-owned Business

Hands Holding A Tablet Displaying An Online Store Webpage With Various Product Categories Such As Electronics, Home Goods, And Beauty Products.


A Hairstylist In A Black Apron Works On A Customer's Hair With A Comb In A Salon, While The Customer, Seated And Wearing A Beige Top, Looks At Her Reflection In The Mirror.


A Scientist Wearing Protective Glasses And Gloves Uses A Pipette In A Laboratory. Test Tubes, Flasks, And A Laptop Are On The Table.

Life Science

An Elderly Man In A Straw Hat Picking Apples From A Tree, With A Young Woman In The Background Also Harvesting Apples In An Orchard.


A Smiling Man In A Blue Shirt Standing With Crossed Arms In A Sunlit Bar, Holding A Tablet.