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We build websites for more than 100 categories β€” from local business to ecommerce. Explore some of our work below!

Do I Really need a Website?

The power of a strong online presence

Ever wonder how having a website could make a real difference for your business? Well, Qasta's got your back! Here's how our websites can help you in the real world.

πŸš€ Get found online

Picture this – when people search for something related to your business on Google, wouldn't it be awesome if your business popped up first? That's exactly what Qasta does – we make sure your business gets noticed online, bringing in more customers and sales.

πŸ’‘ Turn visitors into customers

Our websites aren't just pretty pages; they're designed to turn curious visitors into actual customers. Whether they're looking to buy something or just want to get in touch, we make it super easy for them. It's like having a 24/7 salesperson for your business.

🌐 Sell anywhere, anytime

With a Qasta website, your business isn't limited to your neighborhood. You can sell your products or services to people all over the world. Imagine your business going global – that's the power of a Qasta website!

πŸ›‘οΈ Look trustworthy

Think of your website as your business's superhero cape. A well-designed website not only looks cool but also makes people trust your business more. It's like telling your customers, "Hey, we're serious about what we do, and we're awesome at it!"

πŸ“ˆ See what's working

We give you the inside scoop on what your customers are doing on your website. With this info, you can make smart decisions about how to grow your business even more. It's like having a crystal ball for your business strategy.

πŸ€– Stay cool and modern

In this digital age, having a website that works on phones, tablets, and computers is crucial. Qasta makes sure your website stays cool and modern, so your customers can reach you no matter what device they're using.

What sets Qasta apart from the rest?

We are the Perfect Blend of DIY Simplicity and Agency Excellence


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Guaranteed finished website

Ever started a website and hit a roadblock? We get it. With Qasta, you're not stuck; you're done. We promise a 100% finished website-no bugs included, so you can focus on your business, not website headaches.

Design & content done for you

Forget the jargon. Qasta creates a website that looks good and speaks to your customers. We handle the important pages, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Choose your domain - fast & free

Already have a domain? Great. Don't have one? No problem. We'll get you set up, plus throw in a professional email inbox, all hassle-free.

Launch and learn zoom call

When your website is ready, we'll jump on a Zoom call. We'll give you a tour, make any changes you want, and teach you how to use it. Launch confidently with Qasta by your side.

Custom one-on-one support

Need help? Talk to a human, not a robot. Our team is here for you. Anytime you have a question, we are always there to help.

Easy-to-use website editor

Our editor is simple and stress-free. No tech degree needed. With quick video tips, you'll be making changes with a few clicks - easy peasy.

Fast & Secure Hosting

Your website is in good hands with Amazon Web Services. It's quick and secure, making sure your site runs smoothly for you and your visitors.

Launch in a week

We know time is precious. Don't spend weeks on your website. Fill out a quick survey, kick back, and let us take care of everything in just 7 days.

30 days unlimited edits

Love your website, or want changes? You've got a whole month to let us know. We're here to make sure your website is just how you want it.




One time

+ $49/month


One time

+ High maintenance cost


Per year

+ Tacky Design

The process: From vision to launch

Sign up today & follow these three seamless steps to your dream website

7 Days turnaround time

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30 Day money back Guarantee



Complete our online questionnaire

Time Spent - 30 minutes

Sign up today and start by filling out our online questionnaire. Let us in on your vision, preferences, and key details to kickstart the journey to your personalized website.



We craft your website

Time Spent - 7 Days

Once we have your insights, our expert team takes the reins. We build your website from the ground up, covering every aspect from design to content creation. Your brand's identity comes to life as we work diligently on your behalf.



Launch together

Time Spent - 60 minutes

We schedule a live Zoom session to unveil your website. Witness the magic as we present your online presence, make any final tweaks you request, and provide guidance on managing your site moving forward.

Brands we've worked with

What's included?

Sign up today & get all the essentials to run a successful website or online store

$499 one-time setup fee includes-

Built a professional, mobile-friendly, multi-page website tailor-made for you.

User-friendly editor. Make changes to your website anytime easily.

Professional business logo.

Arrange your pictures and videos to make your brand look great.

A responsive design that suits your brand and business

Build the sections that your website needs (team, work portfolio, events, blog, gallery & more).

Add testimonials from your top customers.

Unlimited media gallery for all your images and videos.

One-click website design changes.

List your products and services with expert-written content descriptions.

Set up your shopping cart for online shopping.

Unlimited sales with 0% commission.

Enable your services to receive online appointments.

Receive unlimited bookings with 2-step confirmation and calendar events.

Unlimited leads and messages.

Connect a third-party booking system if you already have one.

$49 monthly fee includes:

Custom domain name of your choice, or connect your existing domain name if you already have one.

Professional email inbox to match your domain.

Launch your website on a one-on-one 'Launch & Training Call' to make the most of your online presence.

Provide fast and secure hosting and ongoing technical maintenance.

Solve any problems with Live Chat support.

SSL certificate, managed and auto-renewed by Qasta.

Detailed analytics view with info about your website traffic.

Monthly insights about your business's online performance, including Google Maps and Search results impressions, visitor info, and other valuable tips.


Have questions about our service?

We're happy to answer any questions you have.

What's included in the website package?

Your Qasta website package is an all-inclusive digital powerhouse. You'll receive a fully built, multi-page website that's search-engine optimized and mobile-friendly. Beyond that, enjoy features like appointment acceptance, e-commerce capabilities (with 0% commissions), unlimited hosting, a custom domain name, a professional email inbox, and our user-friendly website editor.

Can I transfer an existing website to Qasta?

Yes, If you want to migrate your WordPress site to our WordPress Server. However, We have our own platform where, we can build a new one for you, incorporating information from your current site at no additional cost.

Can I speak with someone?

Absolutely! We're available on Live Chat, Mon-Fri 6am-4pm ET. Just click the live chat icon at bottom right corner on this page. You can also reach us by phone during these hours at (239) 738-9825.

Are these templated websites?

Each site is highly personalized. Our category specialists customize your site based on the images, videos, and information you provide, ensuring a unique online presence.

Are hosting and domain included? Can I use my own domain?

Yes, they're all in! Enjoy unlimited hosting, tech maintenance, a custom domain, and a pro email inbox. If you have an existing domain, connect it to your Qasta website at no extra cost.

Where can I see examples of Qasta websites?

If you're looking for something specific, click on the Live Chat icon, and we'll guide you through a diverse range of over 500 supported business categories.

Once launched, can I still edit the website myself?

Absolutely! Use our simple Website Editor from any device – no tech skills needed. Plus, you can request changes from our team for the first 30 days after your website launch.

Can you show me the Qasta platform and editor?

Sure thing! Watch a walkthrough of our Website Editor and Business Hub here.

Are Qasta websites secure?

Absolutely! In over 7 years and serving 100+ customers, we've had zero security breaches or cyber attacks. Your data is stored on AWS (Amazon Web Services), one of the safest providers, and every website comes with an SSL certificate for added security.

What if I don't like my website?

We follow our proven three step process. Click here for more details.

What platform are the websites built on?

Qasta uses its own platform to create and host your website. You retain ownership of all content published on the site, even if you decide to part ways with us.

Two Chefs In A Commercial Kitchen Preparing Dishes Together, Surrounded By Ingredients And Kitchen Equipment.

Ready to elevate your online presence with Qasta website?

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