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Brow Studio 7’s Digital Success

See how Qasta propelled Brow Studio 7's online sales through strategic digital marketing solutions.
150% increase in online sales within 6 months
30% boost in website traffic
Complete brand overhaul resulting in 25% increase in brand recognition
Enhanced user experience leading to 20% increase in customer retention

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About Company

Brow Studio 7 is a premier salon offering premium hair removal services such as waxing, threading, and facials. Known for their exceptional quality and attention to detail, they sought to expand their online presence to attract more customers and drive sales.

The Challenge

Brow Studio 7 faced several challenges in expanding their online sales, including limited brand visibility, low website traffic, and a lack of cohesive branding. They needed to increase their online presence to compete effectively in the digital market and attract more customers to their services.

The Approach

Qasta developed a comprehensive strategy to address Brow Studio 7's challenges. This included revamping their website with a modern design and user-friendly interface to enhance the customer experience. Qasta also conducted extensive market research to identify target demographics and refine Brow Studio 7's branding to resonate with their audience.Additionally, Qasta implemented a multi-channel digital marketing approach, utilizing SEO, social media marketing, and email campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to Brow Studio 7's website. By creating engaging content and optimizing for relevant keywords, Qasta aimed to improve Brow Studio 7's visibility in search engine results and attract potential customers.

The Result

Through Qasta's digital marketing efforts, Brow Studio 7 achieved remarkable results. Within six months, online sales increased by 150%, exceeding the client's expectations. The website saw a 30% boost in traffic, indicating improved visibility and engagement. The complete brand overhaul led to a 25% increase in brand recognition, establishing Brow Studio 7 as a leader in the industry. Furthermore, the enhanced user experience resulted in a 20% increase in customer retention, solidifying Brow Studio 7's position in the market.

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