Case Study by Qasta

AgFunnel’s Digital Growth with Qasta

Discover how Qasta's tailored digital strategies propelled AgFunnel, an agriculture-focused online platform, to new heights.
150% increase in web traffic
80% growth in subscriber
200% boost in business listing engagement
30% rise in lead generation

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About Company

AgFunnel is an online blogging website and business directory listing dedicated to the agriculture community. Offering valuable insights, resources, and networking opportunities, AgFunnel serves as a hub for farmers, agricultural professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

The Challenge

AgFunnel approached Qasta seeking to enhance its online presence, increase website traffic, attract more subscribers, and boost engagement with its business directory listings. Facing stiff competition and struggling to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, AgFunnel needed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to achieve its goals.

The Approach

Qasta crafted a tailored approach to address AgFunnel's challenges. Beginning with a redesign of AgFunnel's website to improve user experience and optimize for search engines, Qasta then implemented targeted lead generation campaigns to attract qualified leads. Additionally, Qasta developed content marketing strategies to drive traffic to AgFunnel's blog and increase subscriber engagement. Leveraging data analytics, Qasta continuously refined strategies to maximize results.

The Result

Through Qasta's digital marketing efforts, AgFunnel experienced remarkable growth. Website traffic surged by 150%, while subscriber numbers soared by 80%, indicating increased interest and engagement with AgFunnel's content. Moreover, business listing engagement saw a staggering 200% boost, demonstrating heightened visibility and interest from the agriculture community. Additionally, AgFunnel witnessed a 30% rise in lead generation, resulting in a growing pool of potential customers and partners.

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