Hosting Operating System: Unix or Windows?

Do you know what an operating system is?

Before we make out what is cooler than Unix or Windows, you must clearly understand the definition of “Operating System”. The operating system, also known as the OS, is the main software for the computer. The famous Windows OS belongs to Microsoft, Mac belongs to Apple.

The OS is installed on the computer before any other programs. operating system

very important as taking care of basic operations. Whether it is turning off the computer or distributing resources between processes.

The OS is needed not only for your computer (laptop), but also for your smartphone and for your hosting.

In the world of Hosting Operating Systems, there are two main players – Unix and Windows.

Let’s look at them in detail.

Unix: Linux and FreeBSD

Over 80% of home computers run on Windows. On web servers, the situation is different. Typically, server hosting companies run on Unix. The reason why Unix is ​​so popular is because this open source OS is free to use.

The 2 most popular variations are Linux and FreeBSD.

Windows server

In addition to Windows 7, Vista, XP, Microsoft has an operating system specially designed for servers.

One of the most famous operating systems for the server from Microsoft is Windows Server 2003. If you have been familiar with Windows for a long time, then I am sure you know that Windows Sever 2008 has long been on sale.

Why do most servers choose Unix rather than Windows?

Unix has been very well received at universities as a development environment. Therefore, Unix paid a lot of attention to networking and speed. Windows is a commercial product targeted at home users. Unix was made more powerful, safer and faster, while Windows was made more convenient and easy to use.

After several years of use and refinement, Unix has become the benchmark for servers (very stable, fast and powerful). Windows (Microsoft Corporation) is still considered a newcomer to the server OS market.

To summarize: Unix or Windows?

Unix OS is not only more stable, powerful and safe, but also cheap, because it is FREE! If the hosting company wants to install Windows Server 2003 on its servers, it must purchase a license, which will cost hosting services more expensive.

You will need Windows if you want to use Windows applications. The most common of the bottom: ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access. If you have never heard of these applications, then most likely you do not need Windows hosting.