VPS / VDS Hosting

As your Internet project develops, its popularity and, accordingly, traffic grows. At some point, the power of virtual hosting may not be enough and you should think about switching to VPS / VDS hosting.

What is VPS / VDS hosting

VPS / VDS (virtual dedicated server) is a type of hosting in which several independent virtual machines are allocated on one powerful physical server. VPS / VDS is an intermediate link between shared hosting and a dedicated server, while you get the capabilities of a physical platform at a much lower cost. VPS and VDS technologies practically do not differ from each other in settings – the difference lies only in the way information is processed.

Advantages of VPS / VDS over shared hosting

VPS / VDS-server has many advantages: you are given the opportunity of self-administration, you will not have restrictions on the number of domains, sites, creating databases, FTP and other services, each virtual server receives an individual IP address with the ability to order additional addresses cheaply. This solution is perfect for fast-growing projects or sites with medium and high traffic.

The choice of VPS / VDS hosting depends on the following parameters:

  • Server administration – platform management can be provided to you (hosting without administration) or this function can be performed by the provider (hosting with administration). In the first case, the client can install and configure the software, but is forced to independently cope with the difficulties of setting up and ensuring the system’s operability. This option is suitable for those who have sufficient server management skills. In the second case, the VPS is monitored by the system administrator of the hosting provider.
  • Linux operating system – for maximum compatibility of your site, scripts and applications with the platform.
  • Server technical characteristics – the size of the allocated power, RAM and disk memory, physical equipment parameters play a very important role in ensuring the smooth operation of your Internet project. These characteristics also include server reliability metrics. And the physical location of the VPS will affect search results.
  • Customer support – the technical specialists of the provider should help you quickly cope with emerging problems.