What distinguishes hosting for Opencart?

OpenCart – content management system (CMS) for online stores. Allows you to create an unlimited number of product categories and contains a convenient shopping basket. When calculating the price of goods, OpenCart automatically calculates taxes, additional discounts on promo codes and delivery rates.

The system is popular among aspiring entrepreneurs due to the large number of add-ons. They allow you to connect new payment methods, create complex discount programs and maintain convenient sales records.

Hosting requirements

To work with OpenCart hosting must have the following characteristics:

  • Apache web server. To work with Nginx, you usually need to change the server configuration, which cannot be done when ordering a shared hosting;
  • PHP 5.4 and later;
  • MySQL with the MySQLi driver installed.

To work with OpenCart, hosting must also contain Curl and mCrypt modules. When working with several thousand positions, CMS can consume a large amount of RAM, so for such a store to work, hosting with good performance will be required.

Hosting selection criteria

When choosing a hosting for OpenCart, one should proceed from the needs specific to online stores:

  • Stable work of mail – customers should quickly receive notifications of all orders and payments;
  • The presence of an SSL certificate – so that buyers do not see a warning about the dangers of working with the store in their browsers;
  • Fast loading pages – if the client has to wait a few seconds, he will close the tab in the browser and go to the competitor.

Top OpenCart website hosting providers offer automatic CMS installation. In this case, you do not need to upload files to the server yourself and create a database. The user receives an already configured store and can immediately proceed to add products.