Web Store Hosting Guide

Online stores are commercial sites whose primary goal is to make a profit. High-quality hosting for the online store is a prerequisite for significant sales in the network and a large number of customers.
Any prolonged inoperability of the resource will necessarily lead to a decrease in search results or even complete loss of the page from the search engine index. In addition, the inoperability of the resource will certainly be accompanied by lost profit from customers who did not manage to enter the portal and place an order. In this regard, the choice of hosting for the sales site is a very important point, which must be taken with full responsibility, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


Hosting is the actual place where the online store is located. The hard drive of the hosting server contains the site administration system, as well as a database, when connected to which the user can see the necessary data on the screen of his computer.
The server hosting the files and the database belongs to the hosting company, whose responsibilities include maintaining the smooth operation of the hosting and the fastest response in case of any problems while accessing the Internet pages.


During the operation of the online store, one of the key criteria is the download speed. All customers want to make purchases by performing a minimum number of actions, and not waiting for the site to download information. A huge number of online stores nowadays allows users to choose the best option for themselves, and this option does not exactly become a “slowing down” site, which will inevitably lead to the loss of potential customers, the deterioration of the company’s image and lower sales. That is why hosting for an online store should have a professional support service that will promptly provide assistance in solving problems.
Properly selected hosting for the store makes it possible to implement absolutely all the tasks put forward by such a resource. Uninterrupted operation of the site will allow you to achieve excellent business results: increase sales, attract new customers and significantly improve the rating of the company among competitors. In order to choose a truly reliable hosting that will make it possible to fully realize the potential of a business project, you need to understand what criteria you should pay attention to in the first place.


The level of reliability and availability of a resource directly depends on the hosting and its quality. The main criteria by which you should choose a hosting, first of all, include:

  1. Cost. It is strictly not recommended to choose a free hosting service for an online store, as this option is characterized by a speed that is absolutely not suitable for the store, and especially if it has a large number of customers planned. The price is determined by the type of hosting:
    • virtual is a cheap and least powerful option, because in this case there can be dozens of sites on one server that share the resources of the hosting machine.
    • virtual dedicated – an option characterized by a higher price and power compared to a conventional virtual one. In this case, one physical computer contains several virtual servers, each of which serves one site.
    • a dedicated server is the best, most productive and, accordingly, the most expensive option. In this case, the site is located on the server “in splendid isolation” and uses its capabilities only for its own purposes.
  2. The presence and level of technical support of the hosting company. Uninterrupted and competent technical support will help to quickly solve all the problems that may arise with access to the online store, while it is desirable that support is provided by e-mail and phone around the clock.
  3. Data backup function. This feature will help protect the resource from the consequences of a possible hack from ill-wishers and the accidental loss of important information. The process of creating copies of the site should be carried out as often as possible, and copies should be stored for several weeks.
  4. Response time. A quick response will help to eliminate the outflow of potential customers due to the long waiting time for the download.
  5. Uninterrupted operation of the hosting server (the so-called “uptime” criterion). It is recommended to make a choice of a hosting on which this parameter will be not lower than 99.9% (“simple” no more than 50 minutes in one month).