What are mandatory for Hosting a website?

Php Hosting:

Today, no high-quality site can do without hosting services with support for PHP and MySQL. These technologies are actually mandatory, regardless of the orientation of the site you want to make: a small web page, forum, online store or a huge corporate portal.
PHP is one of the most popular languages ​​that are used today to develop web resources, and for the normal functioning of such resources it is important to use a good database management system – MySQL. It is practically impossible to create a truly high-quality portal without using the hosting of these technologies, which would reliably fulfill all the tasks assigned to it and meet modern world standards.


The main features of PHP technology for website development include:

  1. PHP is a universal programming language for developing websites of various kinds, which is ideal for creating scripts.
  2. PHP is a fairly simple programming language, and depending on the end goal, a PHP script can include a dozen or several thousand lines.
  3. PHP performs script processing at a tremendous speed, which is much more than, for example, for Perl or any other languages ​​used to create web resources. At the same time, PHP performance is sufficient to create large-scale web applications.
  4. A high level of technology security can be provided both at the system level and at the application level.
  5. The prevalence and popularity of the language helps to solve even the most difficult task without much effort.


MySQL against the background of other currently available database management systems significantly wins in terms of functionality. The system makes it possible to successfully conduct various operations with high complexity data, store information in the database and structure it according to certain templates.
MySQL hosting is great for creating an online store, a large portal, a site with a bulletin board and a large number of different projects of a different orientation.

  1. Increased performance compared to competitors. A large number of different independent tests showed that the MySQL system has the best performance rating among all analogues.
  2. Affordable cost. In fact, this system has free access, but if you need to buy a commercial license, then such an acquisition will not hit the budget.
  3. Ease of use. Even beginners of site building who do not have experience in this field will easily understand this database.
  4. Support for various operating systems. MySQL works great on both UNIX and Windows.
  5. Open source.