How to buy hosting for a website?

Hosting and domain are mandatory attributes of any Internet site, while the domain is a unique symbolic name for the page, and hosting is the physical place where all the site files are located. Hosting services today are paid and free.
At first glance, it seems that free services look more acceptable. However, do not forget that for pages located on free hosting sites, there may be a large number of restrictions regarding functionality, in addition, the level of their performance leaves much to be desired.
That is why, in order for the site to work normally and load quickly, it is recommended to choose a paid option, since the cost of this type of service is currently at a very affordable level.


Buying a reliable hosting while creating a site is akin to laying a quality foundation during the construction of a house. In order to become popular, any useful, convenient and interesting site needs the most reliable hosting that a reputable company can provide.
Any person who faces the problem of creating their own website asks a natural question – how to buy hosting? You can get really high-quality hosting services only in a trusted company that has already managed to make a name for itself in providing these services.
Due to the fact that such companies that have long been working on the market value their own reputation, they will not deceive their customers. Reputable companies provide high-quality services at affordable prices, in addition, only large companies can boast such an obvious advantage as round-the-clock technical support of customers, which should become a particularly important criterion when choosing a hosting for beginner webmasters.


It is necessary to choose the type of hosting services based on a clear idea of ​​the site’s focus and the strategy for its further development, since the functionality and speed of the page will directly depend on this choice. A clear understanding of what hosting parameters are necessary for the smooth operation of a resource (volume of disk space, types of databases, support for a specific content management system) will help you choose the most suitable tariff. In addition, it is extremely important to determine the type of server, which today on the market offers several varieties:

  1. Shared Hosting – renting a small part of a powerful server on which a large number of other sites operate (the number can reach hundreds or even thousands). The main disadvantages of this option include the lack of any additional settings or special features. In addition, due to the large number of neighbors, the site can take a long time to load.
  2. Virtual server – renting a part of a powerful server with a guarantee of certain characteristics in terms of computing power: memory capacity, processor power, hard disk space, and so on. This option is much more productive than Shared, in addition, it can be customized for specific tasks.
  3. Dedicated server – rent a powerful server entirely. In this case, the performance of your site does not depend on others, but is determined solely by the parameters of the server computer.


The purchase procedure is simple, and consists of:

  • creating an account on the site of the host company,
  • choosing the right tariff
  • replenishment of the internal account;
  • payment of the selected tariff plan.

To purchase hosting services, you must have a registered domain name. This name should be associated with the hosting at the time of purchase. At the same time, a large number of companies during the sale of hosting services provide a domain name as a gift. Using this service, you can save on buying a domain. It is best to upload pages to the hosting using FTP, for which absolutely any ftp client that is at hand is suitable.