How to make money on YouTube?

Like any way to make money, making money on YouTube has its pros and cons.


Creative self-realization. Authors use imagination and express their opinion, whatever it may be. Here you can earn money by doing what really interests and inspires you.

Himself a boss. No need to get up early and waste time in traffic during rush hour trying to get to work. You work whenever and wherever. Camera on the phone and Internet access – this minimum set is enough to shoot and upload videos, even when away from home

Independence. The choice of content or video download frequency is unlimited. Of course, there are certain YouTube community rules that you must follow. Videos are carefully scanned for prohibited content, so follow YouTube’s policies to avoid channel issues and blockages.

Different ways to generate income. The YouTube channel can be monetized in different ways, then we’ll tell you more about it.

More than income. Becoming a youtuber, the author becomes part of a community of people interested in the same topic and driven by the same passion as him. You will inspire subscribers from different countries, your opinion will be important and significant for them.


Do not expect immediate enrichment. Creating a popular channel that generates a steady income, a lengthy process that requires hard work.

You will have haters. The dark side of popularity is the appearance of people who hate you. The experience of dealing with such people is unpleasant, but do not let them discount your efforts.

How much does YouTube pay for views?

YouTube rewards depend on which countries your videos are viewed from. For American and European traffic, as a rule, the reward is 2-4 dollars per 1000 views.

These are approximate numbers, they depend, for example, on how many people clicked on advertising and how many clicked the “skip” button. Other factors also influence revenue: ad quality, keywords and video topics, video length, and even “ad blockers” used by the audience. Therefore, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question “how much youtuber earn for 1 view.”

6 Factors Affecting YouTube Income

What helps top YouTube earn a lot of money? Here are the factors that affect YouTube earnings:

Channel Content Your videos should be unique, high-quality and truly valuable to your audience. If your goal is high income from the platform, then the only way is to become number one in your niche.

The number of videos on the channel. The more videos, the better. However, this does not mean that you should shoot and upload videos daily. If you set a too tight schedule for yourself, this will lead to emotional burnout and poor video quality. But a large number of videos for different target requests is one of the key factors for increasing channel revenue.

Monetization matched wisely. Combining 2-3 types of monetization on your channel can have a huge impact on increasing YouTube revenue. This can be either product placement or affiliate links in the video description. And this is in addition to the built-in channel monetization from YouTube.

Collaboration with other YouTube. It is important to establish good relationships with your colleagues. Shooting joint videos will help increase traffic per channel, the number of video views and, accordingly, your income. Such videos positively influence the popularization of your name / brand in the chosen niche.

The lack of a language barrier in the video. The more people watch your videos, the better. In addition, the pay per click is higher on the English-language YouTube. If possible, subtitle each video in English or another language.

Partnership programs. You should not concentrate only on the YouTube affiliate program. Explore other affiliate programs you can use to increase your YouTube revenue.

YouTube Monetization Methods

We list 4 main ways that you should definitely try.

Join YouTube Affiliate Program

To do this, you need to associate the channel with AdSense. This is a free service that shows ads in your YouTube videos, and you get paid when visitors view and click on commercials. Setting up this service will not take much time, read the detailed instructions here.

To connect to an affiliate program, a channel must meet two criteria:

  • 1,000 subscribers on the channel;
  • 4,000 hours of viewing (or 240,000 minutes) in total over the past 12 months.

The advertiser pays for the viewed ad or the number of clicks on the ad.

Third-Party Affiliate Programs

AdSense is not the only and far from the most profitable source of income on YouTube. One of the best sources of income is third-party affiliate programs. Place affiliate links in videos or video descriptions to redirect traffic to the partner’s landing page.

Affiliates can pay for the number of visitors who go to the seller’s website – this is the PPC model. Or payment is made for the actions performed, for example, the purchase of a product is a CPA model. The second type is more profitable, since the commission can be up to 20% of the price of the product.

Now you know how bloggers earn money by unpacking products from AliExpress.

Paid product postings and recommendations

YouTube is extremely attractive to advertisers, not only in terms of classic advertising, but also in terms of promoting the product.

The recommendation is an unobtrusive advertising product, served as a blogger’s personal experience. You can also naturally integrate a product or service into a video, creating value for viewers.

These methods are very effective because they use a strong personal connection between youtuber and the audience. Such videos seem realistic. However, these methods are ethically controversial, as many people consider them to be false. Therefore, it will be correct if you advertise those products and services that you really liked.

Make money on YouTube without a channel

You may be surprised, but you can earn revenue from YouTube even without your channel. To do this, you need to watch the video, like or dislike and leave comments.

The action algorithm is very simple:

  1. Create your YouTube account.
  2. Sign up for sites like
  3. Link both accounts.
  4. Start completing tasks.

You can earn from $ 0.02 per watched video, up to $ 0.1 per like under a video and $ 0.80 per comment left. It is unlikely that you can make a lot of money in this way, but this is a great start. You will watch a lot of videos, understand the logic of promotion on YouTube and, perhaps, stop being afraid of creating your own channel.