What are the features and benefits of guerrilla marketing?

Partisan marketing is one of the most effective methods of product promotion. This tool is best characterized by the expression “You do not see it, but it is still there.”

This term was first known after a book of the same name, written by Jay Conrad Levinson, was published in 1984. In his creation, he presented the most affordable, not requiring large-scale investments options for promoting goods and services to the market. An increase in the number of customers and an increase in profits are achieved with minimal or no material investment.

Partisan marketing is becoming an excellent solution for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, who, as a rule, do not have the opportunity to conduct an expensive advertising campaign.

What does Levinson invest in guerrilla marketing?

The author of the book himself referred to the partisan marketing as unusual business cards, booklets, leaflets that were left in the places where representatives of the target audience were supposedly located. For example, organizations that produce and install window designs can leave their advertising materials in new buildings, and sellers of bouquets can put their business cards in candy stores, etc. Such advertising does not require a significant budget.

Distinctive features of guerrilla marketing:

  • reasonable price, which is one of the main advantages of this tool;
  • nontriviality, which attracts the attention of representatives of your target audience, distinguishing you from the crowd of competitors;
  • virality, consisting in the rapid dissemination of information among people.

Nowadays, guerrilla marketing is understood not only as low-budget solutions, but also as hidden advertising, which was created so professionally that everyone perceives it, but no one notices.

A few words about hidden marketing

Hidden marketing is essentially a veiled advertisement. The main goal pursued by a businessman is not the implementation of direct direct sales, but the preparation of an information field around the subject, which increases interest in him. In fact, we are talking about the formation of rumors about a product or a proposal on the basis of artificially launched discussions, prepared comments, reviews.

Note that artificially does not mean bad or unnatural. The main thing is that your advertising goals are veiled, hidden. Great platforms for this are forums, social networks, thematic blogs, etc.

The results of guerrilla marketing in practice

If you use such a marketing tool, you can achieve the following results:

  • informing the target audience about a new product or service, creating a positive image of the product and forming a loyal attitude to it;
  • stirring up interest in your organization, brand;
  • study of the target audience;
  • stimulating demand for certain goods, services;
  • networking with potential customers and customers.

If we talk about the modern understanding of guerrilla marketing, then its main features are stealth, affordability and naturalness.

The practical application of guerrilla marketing

To better understand how guerrilla marketing works, it is worth considering examples of its practical application. Suppose you need to inform the public that you are releasing a new product. Let them become a means to reduce weight. There is no money for an advertising campaign, you are afraid to aggressively promote a product because of a possible negative perception.

The best solution is to find a platform where you can find representatives of your target audience, women aged 25 to 40 years.