Top 10 search bots for quick parsing sites

Today, Internet crawling (also known as parsing or crawling websites) is widely used in many areas. Before the advent of parsing services, this area was inaccessible to people far from programming. The complexity of developing a parser from scratch blocked the path to Big Data for simple users. The parsing tool is an automatic scanning technology that paves the way for everyone to the mysterious Big Data.

What are the benefits of using off-the-shelf parsing tools?

  • This will save you from routine and monotonous copy-paste operations (copy and paste).
  • The data you receive is automatically saved in the format of your choice, including but not limited to Excel, HTML and CSV.
  • This eliminates the need to hire a professional analyst and saves you money.
  • This is a panacea for marketers, sellers, journalists, video bloggers, researchers – for everyone who lacks technical skills.

Listed below are the 10 BEST parsing services. Check out all the benefits!


Octoparse is a reliable web crawler for extracting almost all kinds of data that you may need from websites. With Octoparse, you can copy a site with all its features and capabilities. It has two operating modes – “Wizard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”, which simplify the choice for non-programmers. The user-friendly point-and-click interface will guide you through the entire data extraction process. As a result, you can easily extract the contents of the website and quickly save it in structured formats, such as: EXCEL, TXT, HTML or save to your databases.

In addition, it supports the planned “cloud” parsing, which allows you to extract dynamic data in real time and maintain a log file of site updates. You can also parse heavy sites with a complex structure, using the built-in Regex and XPath configuration to accurately locate the elements you need. You no longer need to worry about IP blocking. Octoparse offers IP proxies that will automate IP addresses undetected by aggressive websites.

In conclusion, Octoparse is able to satisfy most of the needs of both beginners and advanced users who do not have programming skills.

Cyotek webcopy

WebCopy fully lives up to its name. This is a free website scanner that allows you to partially or fully copy websites to your hard drive for offline use. You can change the settings to tell the bot exactly how you want to crawl the site. In addition, you can configure domain aliases, User-Agent strings, default documents, and much more. However, WebCopy does not include a virtual DOM (from the English Document Object Model – “document object model”) or any other form of parsing JavaScript. If the website actively uses JavaScript to work, then it may happen that WebCopy cannot make a full copy of the site. Most likely, due to the use of JavaScript, it will not correctly handle dynamic site layouts.


HTTrack is a free website parsing software that is great for downloading all site data and accessing it offline. Versions for Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, and other Unix systems are available that cover most users. Interestingly, HTTrack can save both one site and several sites together (if there are shared links). In the “Settings” you can select the number of connections that are active at the same time when loading web pages. You can download photos, files, HTML-code, update an existing mirror and resume interrupted downloads.
In addition, proxy support is available to increase parsing speed. HTTrack works both through the command line and through the graphical shell; Suitable for both simple users (copying a web page) and professionals (full online mirroring). Given all of the above, HTTrack is preferable to use for users with advanced programming skills.


Getleft is a free and easy to use offline browser. It allows you to download the entire site or any individual web page. After starting Getleft, you can enter the URL and select the files you want to download before downloading. During the download process, all links are replaced with new ones for local viewing. Getleft also offers multilingual support. Now it supports 14 languages! However, it provides only limited FTP support, file downloads are also available, but not recursively. In general, if no specific functions are required, then Getleft will be able to satisfy the basic needs of users in parsing.


Scraper is an extension for Chrome with the functionality of a truncated parser, but it is quite suitable for online research. The extension allows you to export data to Google spreadsheets. This tool is suitable for both novice users and specialists in their field. You can easily copy data to the clipboard or save to spreadsheets using OAuth. Scraper can automatically generate XPath to determine the parsing URL. This is not a full-fledged parsing service, but most users do not need to solve problems associated with disordered configurations.

Outwit hub

OutWit Hub is an extension for Firefox with dozens of data retrieval features that make searching the web easier. This parsing tool can scan pages and save the extracted information in the selected format.
Depending on your requirements, OutWit Hub offers a single interface for collecting both small and huge amounts of data. OutWit Hub allows you to parse any web page directly from your browser. It can even create automatic scripts for parsing.

OutWit Hub is one of the simplest tools for parsing sites, which can be used for free and which gives you the opportunity to parse data without a single line of code.


Parsehub is a great parser that supports data collection from sites using AJAX technology, JavaScript, cookies, etc. Its machine learning technology allows you to read, analyze, and then convert web documents to relevant data.
Parsehub PC application supports systems such as Windows, MacOS-X and Linux. You can even use the web application built into the browser.
In the free version of Parsehub, you can configure up to five public projects. A paid subscription allows you to create at least 20 private projects for parsing sites.

Visual scraper

VisualScraper is another free parser that does not require programming skills with a simple click-and-click interface. You can extract data from multiple web pages at the same time and synthesize results in real time in CSV, XML, JSON or SQL format. In addition to SaaS, VisualScraper offers custom parsing and parsing software development services. Parsing scheduling is available in Visual Scraper. Users can set a schedule according to which the parser will retrieve data at a specific time or repeat the sequence of actions every minute, day, week, month, year. This feature is great for parsing news feeds and forums.


Scrapinghub is a cloud-based data mining tool that helps thousands of developers get valuable data. Its open source visual parsing tool allows users to parse sites without any programming skills.
Scrapinghub uses Crawlera, a smart proxy rotator equipped with bot protection bypass mechanisms. It is able to cope with huge volumes of information and sites that are unfriendly to parsers. It allows users to scan sites from multiple IP addresses and locations through a simple HTTP API without the need for proxy management.

Scrapinghub converts the entire web page into structured content. If the platform does not cope with your tasks, then you can always seek help from a team of its experts.

As a browser-based parser, allows you to collect data from any website directly from your browser. It provides three types of bots for parsing tasks – extractor, crawler and conveyor. Free software provides anonymous proxy servers for parsing sites, the service stores the extracted data on servers for two weeks, after which they will be archived, or you can directly export the received data to JSON or CSV files. The paid version of includes a real-time data parsing service.