CMS for ecommerce: Which One To Use?

Maybe you are considering developing an online store for your company. You want to use a CMS for ecommerce or online store, and you would like to be clear about the options you have. In this article we will show you the different platforms to create an online store that you have at your disposal, so that you can start your business on the Internet.

Different CMS for ecommerce to create an online store

If you are looking for a CMS for online store , you should be clear that there are many tools that you have at your disposal. However, not all are equally professional, some have many limitations and do not let you customize the design in the right way to give a good image with your business.

The first thing is to be clear that there is CMS for ecommerce that you can download and install on your own servers, while also to other systems that work in the cloud. With these you have to be very careful because, although apparently the cost is lower, then you will have to invest the same to improve the benefits.

In our opinion, if you want to develop a large-scale online store, the best option is not to rely on any SaaS and to manage everything from your servers, but of course, there are also important online stores that work with tools such as Shopify or WordPress + Woocommerce. We are going to talk about this next.


The Shopify tool is widely used to create online stores. It is a cloud application, so you do not need to invest in an e-commerce hosting. Its main advantage is that it works very well, its design is intuitive and you can create an online store in minutes, with very modern and attractive designs.

Now, Shopify is usually used when your store is still in a test lab. That is, when you are looking for a profitable business niche, and you need a provisional online store to try to sell products with Facebook Ads or other advertising tools.

Main disadvantage of Shopify: the costs, you have to pay a monthly fee for the plan you want to hire + the commissions that are taken for the use of your payment gateway, or even if you use a payment gateway different from yours.


This is also a very common e-commerce CMS for creating online stores. The WordPress system is a well-known CMS and is often used in the creation of websites and blogs, although many people are unaware that it can also be optimized to create an e-commerce.

For that you need the Woocommerce plugin (free), although it is also important to add a whole series of related plugins for payments and other aspects.

Its main drawback is that the developments with Woocommerce can be very slow and if you install many plugins the operation of your online store can be quite heavy. It is not advisable to use WordPress + Woocommerce when you want to create a large online store, but in the short term and for small groups of products it is very good.


This is one of our platforms to create preferred online stores, and you have both a cloud version, and the possibility to download your Prestashop file package and install it in your hosting.

Prestashop has a great variety of Premium templates and a very large user community, so the learning curve is very small. The Prestashop administration panel is very intuitive and you can easily create your online store. You can upload your products and start selling, although it is always advisable to install a series of plugins (SEO, payment system, security, abandoned carts, etc.) to maximize your store.

We recommend that if you want to create a robust and high quality online store, with custom designs and a wide variety of products, use this tool, since at the user level it offers a very good user experience and very original designs.


The Magento online store platform or software is one of those with a longer learning curve, but is usually preferred by developers. It is one of the most interesting options for when you want to create a large online store, but you will need the knowledge and experience of a Magento developer to carry out your goal.

Magento online stores can have very attractive designs, at the back-end level they are also very complete and offer a wide variety of advantages.