What Happens If Google Detects Unusual Traffic From Your Computer Network?

On some occasion it may have occurred to you that Google notifies you that it is receiving unusual traffic from your computer or computer network when you do a search. This problem is more common than it seems and has an alarming explanation, but in any case we should check to make sure that there is no malicious software on your computer performing this action.

In this post we will see some of the reasons why Google notifies us that it receives unusual traffic, how we can solve it and what steps you should take when this message comes out.

Why Google notifies you of unusual traffic

When Google tells you that it has detected that unusual traffic is being received from your computer network, it means neither more nor less than usual, because you use a program that elaborates automated searches on Google, the search engine has detected that there are too many Connections from your computer.

This is due, for example, when you use some SEO programs that perform automated searches on Google. Google detects that there is a robot sending searches, or an SEO data collector, and what it usually does to stop it is to fill in a captcha in which to continue doing searches you will have to put the word that indicates.

Do not worry, therefore, if one day you find that you can not do searches on Google without filling in the captcha, it is completely normal if you have been using such programs.

How to solve the problem of unusual traffic?

If you have not used any such software to collect search data, then it may be possible that there is some malicious program performing that action from your computer.

You should contact technical support and receive remote help if you think your computer may be infected. Most likely, it is nothing serious, since many people often use programs that perform automated Google searches or data collection without realizing much of the way in which these software perform that function.

Google recommends in any case that you contact the network administrator, and restart the modem or router, to try to solve the problem. If the problem persists and you think there is something odd about your computer, it is time to put yourself in the hands of computer maintenance professionals to try to detect and eliminate any malicious software that is taking advantage of your computer.