Can You Change The Operating System Without Losing Data?

One of the problems that users encounter when they want to change the operating system is that they can lose their data. When formatting the hard disk and installing a new OS, the files that are hosted on our hard disk disappear and we no longer have access to them. In order to change the operating system without losing data , we can carry out different procedures.

One of them and the most recommended is to save all the files in a partition of the PC other than C, which is where the new operating system will be installed. In this article we show you how to make a hard disk partition in Windows if your PC does not have it.

Make a partition of disk C

One of the ways to format and install the new operating system is to partition the hard drive and pass all our files to that partition. Our operating system is hosted in C. That is the folder that we are going to format and where the OS will be installed. Then we have to move everything to folder D.

To partition the hard drive in Windows 7 , you must do the following:

1. Enter the control panel , which you will find in the start menu.

2. Go to the “System and Security” folder , then “Administrative Tools” and “Computer Management . 

3. We click on “Disk Management” , which we will see in the left panel.

4. Right-click and click on “new simple volume” .

5. We give next and specify the number of MB that will have the partition .

6. We accept, next, and when you ask us if we want to format the partition , we say no and we finish it.

When we have the partition done, we will just have to take our files and everything we want to save, including the program files, and save them to the new hard disk drive that has been created.

For more security, you can make an image of the hard disk or also save a backup in the cloud . This is something highly recommended because it is always possible that we forget to save something and you never know when an unexpected data loss can happen. Just in case, you can also read the article “What do you need to save before formatting your hard drive” .

Finally, we will proceed to install the operating system , restarting the computer and inserting the installation disk. When we have the new operating system, we can see our files by going to the new hard disk drive created.