How to Promote a website on Google?

Google Website Promotion!

Really, who doesn’t want their page to come out not only on the first page of Google’s organic results but also on the top three. But it’s not that easy. You need to follow specific SEO techniques, lots of testing, changes and customizations at many levels to get your website promoted to the 1st page of Google organic results.

What is website promotion?

The  website promotion is the process you follow to rank a website in the top positions of the first page of Google results, otherwise SERPS. When a website is in the top 3 positions, it has a lot more clicks (about 50% of the first page clicks), that is, more traffic.

This translates into more customers, more sales and even consolidating your business against the competition. But again, if you are on the first page it is very important because 95% of users only stay on the first page and do not continue navigating the other pages. The website promotion  is very important and necessary for a business or individual, especially today!

How does Google search and register the pages?

To understand SEO, you must first understand how Google works, how it finds its pages and how it registers. The purpose of Google is one! Deliver the most relevant result for a specific search that is as close as possible to what the user really wanted. To do this, he has created a huge index with almost all the web pages on the planet. Each page is thoroughly analyzed and controlled and based on many factors and parameters you are sorted accordingly.

Using special programs called Spiders, they visit every page on the Internet (crawling) and after analyzing it, they add it to the trillion-page index. So when you search for something on Google or another search engine you are not looking for the Internet but the indexed sites that Google has in its directory. Isn’t that awful?

Website Promotion & Search Quality Ratings

Google, using its complex code, analyzes and rates each page according to how reliable and valid the content is, the quality and quantity of content, who is responsible for the website, Website reputation, and more. So according to the above, Google decides which page is more reliable and relevant to provide the best information to the user.

This is also one of the most important pillars for  promoting your website  to Google. You need to help your search engine understand exactly what is the content and content of your website and rank it accordingly with On Page-SEO & Off-Page SEO techniques.


But how will the search engine understand what is the subject and purpose of your website? By your used keywords. Keywords are the keywords that describe the theme of your website and have come up with appropriate points and with appropriate techniques in various parts of the Site.

Let’s say you have a website for selling SEO services, some keywords you could use on your site are:

  • Best and cheap SEO sevice
  • Local SEO in Georgia
  • Cheap On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO tips
  • SEO link building and more

Google, using spiders, reads your page and if it has done On-page SEO, Keyword research and the page has a logical structure, it extracts keywords and indexes them.

The three most important factors of SEO

The three most important ranking factors for Google are the following:

  • Quality and content: The content is the King… they say… and they are right! Your website should have excellent content, with careful texts to the smallest detail, proper use of keywords, rich information material that will be really useful to the users. Remember, it’s good for users it’s good for Google too.
  • Internal and External Links: Links or hyperlinks are divided into links from your site to outbound links, links to external pages to your page (inbound links) and internal links between pages of the site.
  • User Experience: User experience (UX) is also a very important ranking factor. How many users visit your site through SERP’s, how much time your users spend on their site, if they found what they wanted, if the information you had on your site covered them, the content structure, and the ease of navigating and searching for information.

What is On-page SEO and how does it help promote my site?

On-page SEO is all those practices that need to be done on a website to make this page work better on Google’s SERP’s.

These optimizations have to do with the page titles, how friendly the URLs are to the users and the search engines, the correct use of Headings (H1-H6) and original well-written text, beautiful design and impressive multimedia material , optimizing images in size but also at Alt attribute level, proper use of Keywords, how mobile optimized (Responsive) the site is, its upload speed, number and quality of links, social media usage and more .

Website Promotion with Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, is all that is needed to be done off-site to significantly improve its ranking. Promoting the page using Off-page SEO is basically about how popular your site is, how reliable it is and the number of backlinks it has. Off-page SEO requires a lot of work, attention, time and continuous engagement.

Promote the site with Local SEO

Local SEO is also a very important part of your SEO campaign. 90% of markets take place outdoors and about 20-40 kilometers from home. With Local SEO you are essentially promoting your website locally.

You need to optimize your page with the name of the city you are in, the address, the contact phones so that users near you can easily find you.

A great and absolutely necessary tool is Google My Business (GMB). All you have to do is set up a Gmail account and sign in to Google Myriad Business where you will create your local marketplace profile.

The role of loading speed in promoting your website on the internet

The  speed of loading your website is a very important SEO factor. Just think of a delay for a fraction of a second on a large site equals a loss of millions. No one likes a slow site so Google will like it to make its results as relevant and user-friendly as possible.

So if you are interested in promoting your website you should pay close attention to increasing the loading speed. With proper techniques, you can increase the loading speed by over 200% .

Web site loading speed optimization techniques

  • Avoid junk
  • Image optimization
  • Base Optimization
  • Minify Css, Html
  • Combine Css, Js
  • Enable gZip
  • Using LazyLoad technique
  • Right Hosting option
  • Turn off Hotlinking
  • Use Expires header
  • WordPress upgrade
  • Upgrade Plugins
  • Code optimization
  • Use Cache plugin