What are the points that determine the success of a website?

There are a few points that determine the success of a website. The web design is not simple as it may seem to some. Especially nowadays, more and more features are needed for a website to be able to meet current technological developments and high customer requirements.

Impressive Web Design

Certainly the design or simply how elegant a site is, is a strong point of a website. The web design requires the designer to have taste, style and point of view, while the aim is to adapt the excellent aesthetic results to the needs and characteristics of each customer.

Usability & usability

The usability and functionality of the site are extremely important for its sustainability and for a better user experience. The visitor to your site should have no trouble finding the information he is looking for and can easily navigate his pages.

Clarity and excellent content

The texts, information, menus and keywords to be used must be clear, simple and logical. The user of your website should immediately get the information he or she needs without exaggeration, repetitive words, and tedious texts.

Creativity & Taste

Originalize, create, let your imagination go free of the usual. Do it differently, do something that will leave your visitor open.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a process of designing and building web pages in such a way that your page automatically perceives which device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone), the user sees the page and automatically adjusts its content (texts, photos, menus). ), based on mathematical calculations for better page presentation.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

It is the ongoing process of optimizing a website to get it featured on the first page of Google search results for specific keywords . As beautiful and impressive as a website is, it doesn’t really matter if one can’t find or search for it.

It is also important to mention that SEO translates to more customers, higher profits, increased traffic and generally what it is all about promoting a business.

Web page loading speed

The speed of loading a website is a very important SEO factor that directly and indirectly affects the ranking of a website in the search engines and consequently the conversion rate (conversions = sales). A fast site offers a great user experience as everyone, especially today, wants everything on the internet to be fast.

Some examples will convince you …

  • Google – “500ms delay equals 20% reduction in profits”
  • Microsoft Bing – “2s delay equals 2.5% click-through”
  • Amazon – “100ms delay equals 2% reduction in profits”