How to increase your site’s download speed by up to 200%?

You have a very nice website, it is definitely the first step, but what about the  speed of loading the website ?

Especially nowadays it is extremely important that the page load time is 2-3 seconds. Below you will read about how you can significantly improve your page loading speed.

Usually websites, especially those built with the WordPress platform  ,have a loading time of 4 seconds or more. So let’s take a look at the five tips that will give your site a significant boost.

1. Detect the speed your site loads

To measure the speed of loading your website, you must use valid tools and services to find out what level your site is already in, and what actions need to be taken to improve it. A great tool is Google ‘s PageSpeed ​​Insights , which assesses how fast your website is loading for both fixed and mobile devices. For more information on techniques

2. Clean WordPress Database

In WordPress you will find that there is a lot of caching when you edit site content. This feature is certainly useful, but this way the site’s database is gradually overloaded, as it is filled with files that are ultimately of no use except to slow down the loading speed. Using plugins like Advanced Database Cleaner , you can significantly lighten the WordPress database from junk.

3. Choosing the right package – hosting provider

A very important factor in increasing the speed of your site is the right choice of the provider that will host your website and the right hosting package that fits your requirements. Choose a fast server and a reliable provider with good support and uptime as close to 100%.

4. Delete any applications you do not use

Make sure your site’s plugins or applications are properly selected, tested, and compatible with your theme and version of WordPress. It is good practice to check the loading speed after installing a new plugin. If there are plugins that are activated but do not need them immediately disable and delete them.

5. Install caching application

Using the  cache creates a static HTML version of your site so that every new visit it does not reload all PHP scripts and no calls to the database result in faster loading and improve the user experience.

You can try some of the most reliable plugins like W3 Super Cache or  WP fastest Cache that have the best performance metrics.